It all started in childhood when nature was our favorite playground, as we kept growing and traveling, we have discovered that the true values of one country can be really shown only by its nature.

Now we have come to the point where we can combine our different life knowledge and travel experiences into one simple, wonderful project and show you what our ancients have preserved for us.

Through the multi-outdoor daily activities, gastro tours, and tradition we want to present Dalmatia as it is. By limiting each tour group to a maximum of eight people, we ensure that we offer personalized tours which will give every member of the group the undivided attention they deserve. Join us on a journey of discovery where you’ll become part of an authentic Dalmatian family and explore one of the most wonderful places on earth from an insider’s perspective.

We are a small family who intends to provide you with a memorable experience that shows you the very best of what Dalmatia has to offer in a relaxed, informal, and fun way. Come with us to the expanses of Dalmatia and leave only traces of your footsteps there ... so that those behind us can also admire the natural and cultural heritage of ours and yours Dalmatia!

Discover the unique power of nature and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating!

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All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware, this portal serves to give out all the secrets and bring You closer to the local life in Dalmatia. Get to know the aborigines, lifestyle, hidden places, and traditional cuisine. If You want to touch the untouched and get all the first hand inside info on how to have the best time in Dalmatia this is the place to be!

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