February 26, 2021

Traditional Friday meal

You either love it or you don’t. Due to its mild taste, blitva goes well with many dishes. But it is also true that it often […]
January 29, 2021

The best recipe for the best old-fashioned Dalmatian titbit

Recipes are passed down from generation to generation and each family has its own version. The best thing about them is preparation time – quickly and […]
October 8, 2020

Dumplings with plums – time of the year

Plum dumplings are a delicacy whose scents take Dalmatians back to childhood and grandmother’s hands. These days in every family the recipe is passed from generation […]
September 21, 2020

Homemade Jam with the smell of Autumn in Dalmatia

In the summertime in Dalmatia you can find  2 types of people, the first one is the one who loves everything and everyone. The other one […]