Dalmatia Untouched
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    The arrangement includes everything that is written on the programme you can find on the agency’s websites. Contents of the arrangements and the prices have been laid out in the promotional brochure and on the tour websites which are offered for free to any interested parties. Special services are those services which have not been included in the above-mentioned arrangements and their prices and are therefore purchased separately by the customer. These kinds of services have to be asked for during the application and they require additional charges. The prices have been clearly stated in the promotional brochure and on the company’s websites in kuna/ HRK and euro/EUR. The agency guarantees the implementation of the arrangements according to their description. The contents of the arrangements will be fully realized in the described manner, except in the case of exceptional circumstances (war, uprisings, strike, terrorist acts, sanitary disorders, street violence, natural disasters, interventions of municipal authorities, etc.)
    Applications are received by the bank transfer to the bank account stated on our official website.
    During the application, the customer purchases the reservation in the total value of the arrangement for which he receives a suitable receipt. The customer is required to present the receipt to the tour guide at the start of the arrangement. For payments we use STRIPE payment gateway trough SSL encryption to ensure secure data transfer.
    Prices and tariffs quoted for the tours are subject to change without notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, such as significant currency fluctuations.
    The organizer of the arrangement reserves the right to cancel and/or change the route/tour due to any weather conditions that could endanger passengers or in case of extraordinary circumstances ( see above, no.1.).
    The client has the right to cancel the reservation.
    If you cancel between 3 to 5 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.
    If you cancel within 48 hours of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee. The value of the transaction may be subject to taxes, duties, foreign transaction, currency exchange or other fees.
    Dalmatia Untouched reserves the right to accept, reject, or not retain any person as a tour participant whose condition or general deportment impedes the operation of the tour or, in the opinion of the tour manager, affects the rights and enjoyment of other guests. A guest not retained on tour shall have no cause for complaint or refund, and shall bear any and all extra expenses that ensue. Also, on our tours you will find some challenging climbs. There is a lot of walking on our tours and you will spend a lot of time on your feet while sightseeing, so Dalmatia Untouched reserves the right to accept, reject, or not retain any person who does not have adequate footwear (hiking shoes or sneakers). Age is not important as long as you are physically fit/ strong.
    All our travelers on group trips must sign a Booking Form. Please note that signing the form is a prerequisite of traveling with us.
    Dalmatia Untouched strongly believes in protecting the privacy of its clients. We collect information to provide better services to all of our clients but only related to the services we provide.
    Dalmatia Untouched will never sell, share, trade or give away any of our clients’ personal information to third parties, except in the case where it is necessary for the smooth execution of the service.
    All information provided is kept strictly confidential and accessible only to staff in order for them to properly do their job in helping clients regarding the services.
    Dalmatia Untouched reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove this policy at any time. Changes to this policy may affect the use of personal information provided to us prior to the effective date of the changes.
    In accordance with Article 6 paragraph 3 of the Act of the Provision of Tourism Services (NN 130/17) we would like to inform our customers that a complaint on the quality of our services may be submitted in writing to the company office (Address: Hrvatskih zrtava 55, 21210 Solin, Hrvatska) via postal address or by e-mail: contact@dalmatiauntouched.com
    Not later than 15 days after the service has been consumed, the customer can submit a written complaint. The organizer will accept only properly filed complaints received within the specified period of 15 days and will without delay respond in written form about the receipt of the latter.
    The organizer is required to make a written decision on the complaint within 15 days of receiving the complaint-. The organizer may postpone the deadline in order to collect more information and verify the complaint with the service provider up to additional 15 days. The organizer will only resolve those complaints which could not be solved in the place of residence.
    Any kind of legal disagreements that cannot get mutually settled, fall under the jurisdiction of the legal court in Split.